Who Am I?

My name is Rocky and I am a Senior Software Engineer employed with a Top IT Product Company.


To provide factual information (in the form of reviews) about Web Hosting Companies and Domain Name Registrars. And at the same time, educate people about what actually goes in Web Hosting so that they can make an informed decision before making a purchase, so that they do not end up paying more.

Why WebHostingReviewsHub.com?

Two main reasons:

  • Typically, Web Hosting Companies and Domain Name Registrars go an extra mile to ensure that they get you to sign up for their services while not being totally frank about everything upfront. There are cheap marketing strategies that leave you confused and you end up paying more. WebHostingReviewsHub.com aims at uncovering such cheap strategies so that it crystal clear for everyone.
  • Many Web Hosting Review websites do not provide accurate information as to why they think a specific service is good. They just do it to get affiliate commission, which is not much help to us as prospective customers. There may be some genuine websites out there which provide accurate information, but they remain lost. WebHostingReviewsHub.com aims at providing an unbiased review so that you make an informed decision before making a purchase from those so called “Top Domain Registrars” and “Top Web Hosting Providers”.

How I fell for a Marketing Trick

To understand more about my mission, you would need to understand what propelled me to start this review website, at the first place. When I initially bought web hosting, I had no clue as to what I was actually receiving for the price that I was paying. I was attracted to the word “UNLIMITED”, when I initially opted for my first web hosting service. I saw the word “UNLIMITED” used in conjunction with lot of other words, such as Unlimited Domain, Unlimited Databases, etc. Little did I know what I was getting into.

Once I bought the “Unlimited” service, when my traffic started increasing, I observed that my website experienced huge downtime. I received several “Internal Server Error” messages. Here’s an example of what that error message looked like :

Internal Server Error

Internal Server Error

Even worse, I knew that at least some of my visitors were surely annoyed by those issues. I never knew what happened until I took the next step to find out what has happened. And then, I found out that what enticed me to buy the “Unlimited” package was nothing more than a marketing technique. There were strings attached to it, all the time. I just didn’t realize it until I suffered it.

What I did next..

I disliked the idea that a marketing technique could be so deceptive that I could end up paying hundreds of dollars each year for it. I didn’t come across any resource that would give me an unbiased review of these Web Hosting Companies and Domain Name Registrars. They all did it for affiliate commission.  So I decided that I would do my own research at the expense of my time so that I do not have to worry later about it.

During this course, I visited various Web Hosting Companies and Domain Name Registrars. I went through their offers and sometimes even entered their billing zone and thus I was able to collect information about their procedures and pricing models. Based upon this information that I collected above, I was able to narrow my selection down to one provider and purchased VPS Hosting from them. But I didn’t want to stop there.

Moving Forward

I know the amount of time and efforts that I have spent in extracting the kind of information that I have, which made me take an informed decision about my future investment and I am happy about that. So I felt, why not share the same information with others? Why not make my findings public so that others can benefit from the same?

The main difference between WebHostingReviewsHub.com and other Web Hosting Review websites is that I decided to omit the affiliate commission part out of the picture and provide just the factual information in the form of reviews backed up by actual proofs (wherever required).

This way, I hope people would actually get a fair opportunity to take an informed decision before making a purchase and save a lot of emotional and monetary turmoil later on. I do not want others to go through the same stress that I underwent and hence, to educate people and to bring out the right, factual information about Web Hosting Companies and Domain Name Registrars, I founded WebHostingReviewsHub.com.

Your Role

If you need review on any specific Web Hosting Company or a Domain Name Registrar, please submit a request. Please remember that as I am employed full-time, I may not be able to the review the entity right away. But I assure I will do my best to publish my review as soon as I can. And/or if you have any experience that you would like to share, you are welcome to share them.

Updated: Jan 2019