Domain Name Registrar Review

Introduction claims itself as a registrar of domain names. Their range of services include domain name registration, domain name transfers, domain name renewal, domain expiration protection and domain privacy services. Apart from that, they also deal with Website building, web hosting, Web site design, e-commerce, search engine marketing, SSL Certificates, e-mail and domain name registration services, including WHOIS services. For businesses, they offer business email solutions.


.com registration – $38/yr (Introductory price – $5/yr; Domain renewal – $38/yr)
Domain privacy – $11/yr (Free for first time domain registration)
Total – $49yr

Domain name pricing

The prices shown in the screenshot below reflects the introductory price of $5/yr. Advertises $5/yr Advertises $5/yr

The renewal price of the domain would be $38/yr. Renewal Price $38/yr Renewal Price $38/yr

Domain privacy pricing

The domain privacy pricing is $11/yr and can be seen in the screenshot below: Domain Privacy Price - $11/yr Domain Privacy Price – $11/yr

Total Order pricing

The total order price for domain registration and privacy is $49/yr as can be seen in the screenshot below: Checkout Total Price - $49/yr Checkout Total Price – $49/yr

User Interface (UI)

The UI looks clean and inviting. The domain name search box is given emphasis on the homepage and this makes it easier for users to search for the desired domain names.

When placing an order for the domain name registration, the Add to Cart system is simple but the customization of the order is cumbersome. Every option changed reloads the whole page. This wastes more time for the users. I can’t beleive that they don’t use the latest technology available today, to change the details on the fly! This makes it non-inutitive.

Other Services/Features offered

  • Domain Transfer
  • Website design
  • Website hosting
  • Search engine marketing
  • SSL Certificates,
  • E-mail
  • WHOIS services
  • Business email solutions.
  • Payment: Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover)

About the Company

  • In Service from 1995
  • Support via: Ticket, Email, Phone
  • Support phone(24×7): 1.866.455.1655;


  • ICANN-accredited
  • Accepts Credit cards
  • Email, Phone and Ticket support available
  • Initial signup discount available for domain registration


  • Pricing of the domain name is a lot higher than the standard market price (4 times)
  • Domain Privacy is being charged heavily
  • No chat support Review Conclusion charges its customers very heavily, be it domain name registration, renewal and/or domain privacy. They seem to be doing business off of customers who are ignorant of the current market prices for domain name purchases. A price of $49 is nothing but a huge rip off. Considering that domain name registrars offer competitive prices to gain customers, one can only wonder how lucky is for overpricing it’s customers and still be in business.

To get an idea of their exorbitant pricing, consider this example. Let’s say you want to register 10 domain along with domain privacy. This will cost you $490/yr, when in fact you should not be paying more than $100-$110/yr. So you end up paying almost $400 extra per year. This is the highest priced domain registrar so far.

Verdict on as Domain Name Registrar

I DO NOT RECOMMEND for buying domain names as their total price is the highest. Buying their service can be considered as burning a hole in the pocket. There are other registrars in the market who offer the same service (if not better) at a fraction of what charges it’s customers. Stay away from and thank yourself for doing so.

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